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X1 Alpha is a product
designed to help with
wellness, energy, and
overall health by helping
you get rid of free
radicals in your body.
Aware is designed to
improve mood and relieve
stress by enhancing
“normal” levels of various
neurotransmitters such as
dopamine, noradrenalin
and serotonin.
Limitless contains
Raspberry Ketones and
other key ingredients
that help suppress your
appetite, increase your
energy, and aid in
weight loss.
Max contains HCA
extract from Garcinia
Cambogia which aids
in weight loss by doing
two things: Blocking fat,
and suppressing your
Meal Replacement
RioFit Meal
Replacement Shakes
are a gluten free
chocolate or vanilla
flavored meal
replacement that
contains 100 calories
and 10 grams of protein
per serving.
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